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IT audit - What is it and why it is worth carrying out?

The IT infrastructure of companies and the processes taking place through it are becoming more and more complex. It is often difficult for organizations to have a comprehensive view of them. An IT audit comes in handy here. Thanks to an IT audit you can significantly improve the digital aspects of the company's operation.

What is an IT audit?

An IT audit consists of examining and evaluating IT systems, infrastructure and principles of conducting processes. It allows you to determine whether they are optimal for the operation of the company or if they need improvement. Audits are carried out by specialized companies with extensive IT experience.

An external company as an IT auditor is impartial and can assess the situation appropriately and objectively. It checks control mechanisms, ensuring the organization is secured against possible undesirable situations. This applies, for example, to cybersecurity, where actions that can proIt also checks whether the infrastructure is modern enough to operate optimally. Changes that may be used to improve performance or reduce equipment failure are recommended.

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The advantages of an IT audit

Lower risk

Thanks to an IT audit, it is possible to identify and assess IT risk in the company. In this way, it is protected against threats related to the integrity, confidentiality, efficiency and reliability of the infrastructure.

Strengths and weaknesses of the entire system are indicated. An effective firewall is also implemented, as well as procedures and solutions to monitor user behavior.

This makes it possible, for example, to avoid threats from malicious software. Suspicious user activities (such as excessively fast cursor movements or too high data transfer) are reported to IT specialists in the form of incidents, and some are automatically blocked.

Improving internal security

IT audits can be helpful in preventing fraud in companies. Due to the fact that the activities of the organization are analyzed in detail and rigorous internal control systems are implemented, it is more difficult to find abuse committed by employees. There is a chance, for example, to detect accounting irregularities. Often, the mere awareness of such measures in the company may discourage potential fraudsters from taking malicious actions.

Safer data

The effect of an IT audit may be the improvement of procedures regarding data access and confidentiality. This reduces the risk that unauthorized persons acquire sensitive information.

A set of sophisticated technologies and tools are used to implement access control mechanisms, which allows for advanced and personalized settings. After configuration, the system works automatically.

Safer data also means providing the company with appropriate backup mechanisms, in other words, standard cloud services that allow for systematic backups. This reduces the organization's vulnerability to ransomware attacks and the consequences of a hard disc failure.

Better IT management

Thanks to the implementation of IT audit recommendations, the company gains better procedures and internal regulations. This increases the clarity of the IT system because employees know what rules they should follow. The management, in turn, is aware of the requirements it may set for them. All this serves to optimize IT processes as well as to ensure system integrity.

Evaluation of the infrastructure

The IT auditor is able to determine whether the elements of the company's infrastructure meet the latest standards. He will evaluate both hardware and software so that the company does not lag behind the competition. This leads to more efficient operation of the organization and often substantial savings.

Preparation for digital transformation

Currently, a competitive company is the one in which the widest possible digitization takes place. An IT audit allows you to determine which aspects of the company may be subject to it. You can find out which internal processes are likely to be computerized. This will also translate into planning the digitization of the company's services.

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IT audit with WebMakers

We offer our clients a professional and comprehensive IT audit. During it, we will assess the condition of the IT infrastructure and formulate appropriate recommendations.

In our work, we use our many years of experience in the IT field, supported by numerous consulting projects, which allowed companies to optimize their processes. Contact us and we will prepare an offer that meets the needs of your company.

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