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What is IT consulting?

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Consulting in the world of technology

The IT world is becoming more and more complex and abounds in new trends and technologies that are appearing constantly in order to use them properly, you need extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Therefore, companies often choose IT consulting services. What is it and what is its value?

What is IT consulting?

IT consulting services advise companies on the optimization of infrastructure and IT processes. The consultant proposes changes thanks to which the technology canbest support the achievement of the client's business goals.

Consulting can cover different aspects. In addition to infrastructure, the type of advice covers, for example, strategic IT planning, the use of the cloud, security or carrying out digital transformation. It is both technological consulting and strategic planning of activities.

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Why is it worth hiring an IT consulting company?

  • Good contractors have many years of experience in the field of IT and have advised companies with various types of needs. Thanks to their experience, they can avoid making mistakes that they have already experienced in the past and often choose a faster, more optimal path of project implementation.
  • They have an interdisciplinary team of specialists who will provide professional and comprehensive advice. The advantage of an external IT consulting company over their own IT department is the fact that even large enterprises find it difficult to construct a complementary team of specialists who will have the necessary knowledge in a given field. In fact, the world of technology is so vast that in some cases the services of several consulting companies with different specializations may be needed.
  • They are up to date with the latest trends and technologies, so they know which tools will be optimal for the client and in which way to direct the IT development of his company.
  • They can completely plan, for example, the modernization of the client's IT infrastructure in such a scope for its implementation, management and maintenance. Infrastructure changes can lead to increased process efficiency and cost reductions. Thanks to good initial planning, you can save on future upgrades. There is also no need to incur a technological debt. Early mistakes can cost you a lot in the future.
  • Help to improve the company's security against cyber threats. Contractors will implement appropriate measures that monitor IT infrastructure, which protects data and users against attacks such as malware, ransomware or phishing. The consulting company will also conduct comprehensive training of employees in the field of protection against threats.
  • IT consulting is profitable. Hiring competent specialists for your own IT department is very expensive, and the recruitment process is difficult and long. By opting for consulting, we gain access to the entire team, without having to cover labor costs. We use their help for any period of time, and we would have to maintain the IT department in the long term.
  • Contractors can help implement new project management processes. This applies, for example, to Agile methodologies such as SCRUM. After their implementation, the efficiency of the IT team increases and it becomes possible to achieve the intended goals faster.
  • They are able to plan the digital transformation of the client's company by carrying out it in accordance with consultants' recommendations. The company has a chance to keep up with the competition, which is often fully computerized. Multilayer changes in the culture of the organization, its processes and business operations are implemented. They determine the effectiveness of the transformation.
  • Cooperation with consulting companies ensures flexibility. We use advice only when we need it and to the extent that we choose. Thanks to this, we reduce costs.

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Modern IT is a world of hundreds of technologies in which it is difficult to orientate and even more difficult to manage them. IT consulting companies know the latest technologies and methods of their use. They are specialists in their field and they are consistently exploring it.

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