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Online store
for the HVAC industry

For a company in Poland operating locally, we created a dedicated online store based on Sylius - Open Source Headless eCommerce Platform - in order to expand sales throughout the country. This approach allowed us to reduce costs and accelerate the implementation time, while maintaining high flexibility of development.

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Client description

Kombinat Instalacyjny is a company in Wrocław, Poland, specializing in the sale of HVAC products, including air conditioners and cooling devices.

To diversify sales, we created a multi-installation online store for installers (B2B) and individual customers (B2C).

Main business targets

  • diversification of sales by creating an online store
  • sale of products for two types of clients: B2B and B2C
  • keeping clients through a loyalty program
  • professional image of the store

The technologies we used

To build the store, we used the e-commerce framework Sylius (1.9), based on PHP version 7.4 and the Symfony framework version 5.3. In addition, we used the MariaDB (10.6) and Redis (6.2) databases and used technologies such as RabbitMQ (3.1). We created the front-end based on the Twig template system, coding responsive views using HTML5 and CSS3 (using SCSS) and using JavaScript.

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Before this, the client did not have an online store, so we also had to work out a detailed scope of functionalities together with the client, taking into account all business targets. We started our project with conceptual work and workshops during which we developed the basic design. One of the first challenges we faced was choosing the right platform that would allow us to create an online store in an optimal and budget-adjusted way, open to further development and expansion in the future. After consulting the client, we decided to choose the Sylius e-commerce platform. Sylius had been created from scratch in Poland and over 3.5 thousand online stores around the world are already based on this platform. We have described more about this technology on our blog.

After confirming the objectives of the project, we started the appropriate work in the field of UX / UI, including detailed analysis of the target group, preparation of UI sketches and prototype testing. Then, after refining all the objectives, we moved to design and programming work. Work on the creation of the store lasted about 7 months.

Main challenges:

  • adjusting the product display to industry requirements (the difference in the VAT price depending on whether the product assembly option has been selected and the availability of options depending on the buyer profile - B2B or B2C)
  • creating the possibility of changing the technological features of the product during the purchase, which led to a change in the appearance of the product and the price
  • introducing an algorithm that automates and facilitates the combination of product sets (e.g. complete air conditioning system)

Another challenge during the development was the optimization of the entire system in terms of efficiency, due to business requirements regarding, e.g. advanced product filtering. Here, we have implemented proprietary software that relieves the infrastructure.

The final challenge was to put the project in a stable position in a production environment. For this purpose, we used appropriately matched servers, and the entire infrastructure was designed, taking into account future scaling (including the use of containerization). In order to ensure continuous and trouble-free updating of the project, we also implemented appropriate deploying mechanisms that allow for less maintenance and automated deployment of future versions of the application.

background illustration
screenshot strony Kombinat

Key store functionalities

  • two types of user accounts (installer and individual client), affecting various parameters and adjusting the store to a given type of an account
  • verification of the installer's account based on the submitted application and attached documents
  • the possibility of purchasing the product together with assembly
  • an extensive rebate system that allows us to grant rebates for the product or customer type level, or an individual rebate for a selected user
  • the possibility of partial order fulfillment, depending on the availability of the assortment
  • built-in loyalty system
  • integration with the online payment system (operator: Przelewy24.pl)
  • integration with the ERP system - Comarch ERP Optima with the use of Sellintegro
  • the ability to adjust technical parameters at the stage of adding a product to the basket
  • blog with industry articles
  • the possibility of rating and reviewing products and brands by experts working in the store

VAT rate and product display

One of the important issues in connection with the construction of the store was the implemented functionality of presentation of a different VAT rate, depending on whether the product was purchased together with the assembly service. In this case, the VAT rate is 8%. If the customer chooses only the product, then the tax is 23%. Such regulations made it necessary to automatically change the displayed price, depending on the choice of the product with or without assembly.

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Branding & design

Our cooperation with the client also included consulting, support and work in the field of store branding. Based on the analysis and workshops with the client, we prepared a logo and visual identification. As part of the work, we also supported the process of negotiating and purchasing an internet domain on the secondary market.

Kombinat logo
screenshot strony Kombinat

The scope of the project included designing an intuitive UI and a modern, [in line with current trends] design of the entire store. The home page consists of modules, along with a slider promoting various products or other business activities conducted by our client. We also focused on accepting important elements for the client, such as the advantages of his store, a list of the most important manufacturers whose products are offered in the store, information about the loyalty program or the module with the latest entries on the expert blog. The product offer page contains all the most important elements such as detailed information about the product, specification or important parameters, which is also a functionality that allows you to configure the technical parameters of the product before adding it to the basket. Visitors to the store also have an easy opportunity to contact the store and ask questions about the product they are viewing.

screenshot strony Kombinat

The project team

We engaged a project team consisting of 11 experts such as UX / UI and graphic designers, architects, back-end and front-end developers, tech lead, manual testers, dev-ops and project manager.

liczba 11

Design process

  • Consultations & workshopsTogether with the client, we developed a functional specification that meets the business needs.
  • Choice of technologyBased on a detailed analysis of the business targets, we selected a set of technologies, including the Sylius e-commerce framework.
  • DesignBased on the targets and marketing strategy of the client, we developed the branding of the store, and then designed the entire store from scratch - from the home page, through the product page and shopping flow, to static information pages.
  • DevelopmentParallel to the design work, we conducted programming work, during which we adapted and expanded the Sylius functionalities, programmed custom functionalities and prepared the necessary integration processes.
  • TestsAfter the development work was completed, the store underwent final tests based on previously developed test scenarios.
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